3D Rendering

Bring your ideas to life with our 3D rending services. With premium rending facilities and new technologies, you can easily see your project from all sides.

Software Development

Karmkandi (Software Development Service Provider Company in Gurugram) has a team of dedicated software application developers that provides Best HRM Software, Best School Management Software to get you excellent software development solutions for your project. Whatever your need is whether it is a computer software or mobile applications or any other software development solution; our dedicated team is always there for you to provide great solutions according to your business requirements.

Pharma Service

We have a dedicated team of experts that helps everything done in a very meantime.

3D Walkthrough

3D Walkthrough Animation – A technology to enliven the design before it is built.

App Development

We want to infuse design and development to your IT business with top-quality business and personal use application both for iOS and Android with various advancements that helps transforms the data into knowledge across the globe.

Health ATM

Health ATM provides instant diagnosis and results of the health of the particular patient, helping to keep a digital record of the health. One can easily track the health track of the patient.



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