The health ATM is a dedicated one-stop digital touch point integrated machine designed to detect and diagnose chronic illness in the patient. Health ATM also provides best-in-class services in delivering primary care to the doorstep of the patient. Healthcare ATM is a built-in facility with all the latest medical advancements and equipment to diagnose various diseases. Just like the ATM of the bank, the health ATM is a hardware kiosk that is made for managing various types of health-related data that enables individuals to access their personal health information through a connected browser.

Health ATM is approved by various medical agencies like CE and FDA having HIPAA-compliant software. We at karmkandi.com provide medical facilities through health ATMs with the support of Gravita, a health organization. One of the most important tasks of Health ATM is to diagnose the primary issue related to the patient and resolves the health problem in various health services and facilities in remote and rural areas. Health ATM is a modern, latest, sophisticated and automated healthcare kiosk. It helps in the easy diagnosis of health-related ailments that medial facilities can’t reach quickly.  Through the karmkandi.com healthcare services of health ATM, one can easily interact with the medical facility and physician through video and audio counselling and teleconferencing.

Health ATM provides instant diagnosis and results of the health of the particular patient, helping to keep a digital record of the health. One can easily track the health track of the patient.

This health kiosk can easily monitor various things like fat, blood oxygen saturation, instant report, height, weight, muscle mass, haemoglobin, height, temperature, ECG pulse rate, lipid profile, BP etc.


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